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The Importance of Computer Science Integration

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Our mission is to make an impact by spreading computer science to as many schools as possible, starting with the DCPS school system. Check out the following articles showcasing the importance of a computer science education nationwide!

2020 Report: State of Computer Science Education

This report was released last year about the state of CS education across schools in different states. According to the article, "only 47% of our nation’s high schools teach foundational computer science!" Together, we hope to continue to raise this number with your support.


See article for more details.

Programming as a Second Language

Published by a current professor of computer science, this article highlights the benefits of learning computer science at a young age. Such benefits include, but are not limited to, communicating ideas, learning sentence structure, and even vocabulary!


See article for more details.

The Hour of Code: Impact on Attitudes Towards and Self-Efficacy with Computer Science

This was a research paper published about the popular "Hour of Code" event implemented at some schools in the nation. In 2017, a study proved that students actually gained more self-confidence after even a short exposure to programming. "....after just one Hour of Code activity, students report liking computer science more and report feeling that they are better able to learn computer science and are better at computer science than their peers."


See article for more details.

Diversity Gaps in Computer Science: Exploring the Underrepresentation of Girls, Blacks, and Hispanics

A Google-commissed research survey from 2016, this publication highlights the disparity of access to CS content for underrepresented groups and dives into their participation in the field of computer science. By simply expanding access to computer science across a broader range of schools with SpreadCS, we can take the first few steps in eliminating this diversity gap for good.


See article for more details.

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