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About Us

Our Mission and History

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Our Mission

Our mission is to spark an interest in Computer Science (CS) by exposing students at an early age to programming.

CS should be a subject available for everyone to learn, regardless of their age, race, gender, or household income.

We hope to enable all students to understand the language of computers and inspire them to create their own solutions and pursue higher education.


Meet the Organizer

In the summer of 2019, Rohan Damani wrote his first line of code and he fell in love. Programming allowed him to turn the purest form of logic into reality, where the only boundary was that of his imagination.  Over the following year, Rohan grew his knowledge base and gained a solid foundation in multiple programming languages, yet he always felt like he should have begun earlier in his life. To prevent younger students from falling into the same trap, Rohan decided to volunteer at a local summer camp to teach Scratch and Java to students of all ages. Yet, although the camp did accomplish the goal of spreading computer science, Rohan knew it did not reach the students who could not afford to attend. Thus, he decided to take action by starting to host free computer science camps at Title 1 Schools across the area.

With the support of the community, we hope to continue spreading interest in CS to all.




Incredibly grateful to Dominos Pizza for sponsoring one of our sessions with 15 free large pizza certificates for all participants! The assistance truly helps us continue to broaden the impact of the camp across multiple communities.


We are always looking for other sponsors to help spread our mission! If interested, please reach out with the contact information below.

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